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100% Cost Share Available for Stream Exclusion with Grazing Land Managment - SL-6

Don't keep “sitting on the fence” about installing fencing to keep your animals out of a stream, pond, or wetland! A new allocation of funding from the Commonwealth of Virginia now allows the Chowan Basin Soil and Water Conservation District to fund up to 100 percent of the costs.  The new program covers the total cost for fencing, keeping livestock out of streams and the all the eligible cost to install a well (if needed), pipeline and watering troughs.  All practices must be installed to Natural Resources Conservation Service specifications.


These new funds cover the additional 25% not covered by the Virginia Ag BMP Programs 75% cost share and are available on a first come first serve basis until the funds are exhausted. After the end of the program year on June 30, only 80% will be covered. This program is very popular state-wide, so contact the Chowan Basin SWCD now to arrange for a farm visit to see if your property qualifies.  Stream fencing helps protect water quality while the installation of a spring or well-fed watering system provides your animals with clean source of drinking water and helps better distribute grazing in your pastures.


If you’ve ever considered protecting your streams and ponds and installing a permanent frost-free watering system, now is the time! Remember to sign up before June 30 to receive 100% funding!